Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) TO BE EDITED

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) TO BE EDITED

Post by Soft on Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:05 pm

Howdy folks! I've decided to start a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) thread since I always see people asking the same questions over and over again. The main purpose of this thread is to address all the major/minor issues that players encounter on a daily basis.

Instead of constantly answering the same questions over and over again, you can simply refer the player to this thread.


  1. Connection Issues
  2. Game Issues
  3. Website Issues
  4. Forum Issues
  5. Donation Issues
  6. Staff Issues

Tip: Instead of manually searching the entire list for your question, just use the search function of your browser and search for keywords.


1.1    How do I start playing on Wretched-Wow?

In order to play on Wretched-Wow, you'll need a 3.3.5a client. You can easily install the 3.3.5a client from this link. In order to download the torrent you'll need some kind of torrent downloader. A great example of a free torrent downloader is uTorrent.

After you've gotten the client, navigate to your client folder (usually called World of Warcraft 3.3.5a) and go inside your data folder. Open up either the enUS or enGB folder and you should see a file called realmlist.txt. Open the file up with notepad or a similar program, and edit the content of the file to set realmlist

Now all that's left for you to do is to create a game account on our website. The link to the registration page can be found here.

1.2    Why can't I log in to Wretched-Wow?

If you are somehow unable to login to the server, be sure to check these steps:

* Make sure that you have the 3.3.5a client
* Make sure your realmlist is correct
* Be sure to check if there isn't any maintenance on the server. You can check that by either visiting the chatbox on our website, or by checking our forums.
* Make sure your internet is working and that your firewall isn't blocking your World of Warcraft client.

1.3    It says that my account is banned when I try to log in, what do I do now?

That means you have been banned from the server by violating our Terms of Agreement. Depending on the severity of the ban you can try appealing on the forums.

1.4    I seem to have forgotten my password. Is there any way to recover it?

You can try creating a ticket in-game on a new account to see if it's possible for us to recover your password for you.


2.1    Sometimes my chat doesn't appear when I say something, how do I fix this?

You can fix this problem by either typing /reload , or by relogging your character.

2.2    I've made a game ticket a few minutes ago but nobody's replying to it. Why is that?

It's possible that all the online Gamemasters are already attending other tickets/problems. If your ticket doesn't get handled immediately please remain calm and wait until a Gamemaster contacts you.

2.3    I just saw a hacker, what should I do?

If you see someone violating our rules, please avoid contact with the person and create a ticket so that we can handle the problem ourselves.

2.4    Is it allowed to farm honor?

No. This is something we take very seriously and your account will be infracted if we catch you doing this.

2.5    How do I get the dual class and what exactly is it?

You get the dual class by doing the quest in front of McCrick's lair, located in Azshara Crater (tier 2 zone teleport). The name of the quest is The Forbidden One, and it is given to you by the Watchful Eye of Perception.

The dual class is a custom system that allows you to get 4 spells from another class. For a full list of all available options , please read this thread.

2.6    What should I do if someone is verbally abusing me in-game?

If someone is verbally abusing you, feel free to either create a ticket in-game and get assisted by a GM, or create a forum thread in this section with pictures.

2.7    How do I get started on tier 3 content?

In order to get started with tier 3 content, you'll need to complete the quest chain that starts in The Forge of Souls. The dungeon is located under dungeons -> T3 Attunement.


3.1    What should I do when the website is down?

The only thing that you can do when the website appears to be offline is to either wait it out, or check the forum to see if there's any news about the website downtime.

3.2    I bought the wrong item from the store, can I undo this?

Unfortunately we do not offer any refunds for your misbuy. Currently we do not offer any kind of support for the vote/donatation store.

3.3    After buying my item from the store it didn't appear in my inventory, what should I do?  

After buying the vote / donation item you should wait a couple of minutes and check your mailbox as it takes a while to process the order from the store.


4.1    Can I change my forum name?  

Yes, you are able to change your display name. To do so please click on "profile" in the navigation bar, and scroll down until you see the "Username :" part. Simply click on your name and edit it to your liking.

4.2    How do I display my avatar?  

To change your avatar, click on "profile" in the navigation bar, and scroll down and click on Avatar in the sub-navigation bar (located just underneath the advertisement spot). You should be able to upload a picture on that page.

4.3    I am having some difficulties on the forum. Is there anyone I can PM?  

Feel free to PM any staff member on the forum for help. We check our inbox on a daily base.

4.4    I have found a bug in-game. Where should I report it?  

You can report bugs by either making a ticket and telling the GameMasters, or by posting a thread in the Report a bug section. When reporting bugs please explain the bug as much as possible, so that we can get it fixed asap.


5.1    I bought a donation item on one of my characters. Could I transfer it to another character?  

Currently we do not offer any transfers to other characters.

5.2    Wich Benefits do VIP players get?  

Please read this thread for a brief overview of what VIP players get.


6.1    Is there any way to post feedback about a staff member?  

You're able to post feedback about staff members in the Feedback/reports section on our forum.

6.1    I'd like to become a Gamemaster! How should I apply?  

If you're thinking of applying for Gamemaster, be sure that you meet the requirements first and carefully read the application template thread. Once you think you're ready to apply, head over to this section and create your application.

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