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Application Template

Post by Soft on Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:09 pm

We ask only a handful of things from you as a Gamemaster/Administrator/Moderator. When we give you a position on our staff we expect you to take it seriously and use it productively. Read this thread before applying for any of the following positions. Do not bother applying for anything unless you meet the requirements listed below.

Full requirements:
-Activity on the forums
-At least one character at max level with gear
-Activity in the community
-Good personality and working well with people/patience
-Of reasonable age/maturity, if you lie about your age we will know
-Online frequently

EDIT: This is the current rank order, you must complete the previous rank before being promoted.

When hired every GM starts at the same spot, at the bottom. Your only job is to open answer and close tickets. Your job is strictly in game and on the forums assisting players. You are NOT to use any in-game commands on yourself, players, or npcs without permission of a higher ranking GM. Please refer to the Current staff list.

Your job as a Gamemaster is basically to help the community, you should be active on the forums(As listed above), answering tickets, watching over the players to make sure they aren't exploiting/hacking or abusing anything. You should NOT be playing on your alts, coming out of invisible and talking to people or showing off your power. If you are caught doing this without consent you will be warned once and then removed from the position. You should also be active with the other GM's, making sure not to have 2 people answering the same ticket. It is your responsibility to assist lower ranking GMs with any issues they may have as well.

With this position you should be fluent in C++ scripting. You should know how work in the database creating items and making new things for the server. You should have around a year of past experience with being a developer. This position requires a lot of trust from the servers current staff and should only be applied for after having time spent as a Gamemaster for Infinity-wow.

Welcome to the top! Although this rank is extremely hard to get to it is obtainable. You have earned complete trust from the owners of Infinity-wow. You have complete power and your judgement won't be questioned. Should you run into an issue please refer to a senior Administrator for assistance

Forum Moderator
This where usually only be one forum moderator at a time based on the activity of the forums. In the position you are expected to be extremely active on the forums and have basic logic of how forums work. Make sure there is nothing inappropriate being posted, that no one is spamming or stepping out of line. In this position you basically run the forums, the forums are your domain and you decide what passes and what doesn't.

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Re: Application Template

Post by Soft on Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:10 pm

Copy and paste the following into a new thread answering each question to it's fullest.

Make your application as detailed as possible and make sure you read the GM Expectation thread before applying.

Name the thread something like: Position - Name
 IE: Wackedd-Gamemaster




All Characters(IE: Name/Level/Class):

Why do you want to be part of the Infinity-wow Staff:

Time Zone and the times you can be online per day(usually):

Do you play retail and are you in a end game raiding guild that requires you to be online at certain times?

Any previous experience you had with being a Game Master/Dev/Moderator/Admin:

Do you have any experience with running/owning a WoW Private Sever?

Do you have any examples of your work?

How are you with people (e.g. patience, understanding, helpful, etc.):

Can you handle orders, or do you prefer giving orders yourself:

Do you have Ventrilo with a working mic?

What do you expect from Infinity-wow?

Do you know anything about scripting C++?

Anything else you want us to know:

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